Caritas Immigration Legal Services Fund

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It is no surprise that the tagline of Caritas Immigration Legal Services (CILS) is “a community of welcome … a community of support.” CILS is a nonprofit organization providing legal assistance to low income immigrants in Middlesex County and truly embodies the Community Foundation’s mission to build a Better Today and Brighter Tomorrow – for all.

CILS offers a wide array of services such as education regarding U.S. immigration laws, low bono legal representation, and connecting clients to community groups and organizations. CILS understands the many obstacles facing those who have chosen to make the journey to a new life in the US and is dedicated to helping those individuals and families as they seek a new life in Middlesex County.

“So many of us come from families who left their homelands under very difficult circumstances. When we welcome and support those from other countries, our entire community benefits.”

           Jennifer Antognini-O’Neill, Founder of Caritas Immigration Legal Services

The Community Foundation is honored to work with organizations serving those in our community who are most in need. We are pleased to support organizations, such as Caritas Immigration Legal Services, that choose to establish fiscal sponsorship or designated funds to support their work. This fund will provide CILS the opportunity to focus their energies on providing essential services to individuals and families in need of assistance while CFMC manages contributions to aid that work.

CILS is working with organizations in our region to share important information and guidance to individuals and families. Christine Valdez, Middletown Adult Education shared:

“The Caritas Immigration Legal Services team was so informative for our immigrant students at Middletown Adult Education. For many it was the first time to get advice, information and resources they could trust. CILS has done several presentations as well as to meet with students individually. They are so knowledgeable, professional and make our students feel comfortable. They also realize that many immigrants do not feel comfortable enough to ask questions so they provide all of the possible scenarios that one might have. Welcome to Middletown! We’re so glad you are here.”

A Round of Applause to CILS for embracing COMMUNITY and being a true example of Good People Doing Great Things.