Greater Middletown Military Museum

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Local Military History Gets a Home

Since 2003, a group of local veterans has been working on a project close to their collective hearts. They believe that as a community, we have an obligation to our veterans to preserve our region’s

Greater Middletown Military Museum

military history, stories, documents, equipment, and so much more for all to learn from now and well into the future.

“Our goal is to honor the military history of greater Middletown and its veterans. Families find items such as foot lockers and other memorabilia as generations pass, and they don’t know what to do with it. Our group came together to find a home for these collections – we have an obligation to preserve and share the personal stories of our local veterans,” explained Ron Organek, past President of the Greater Middletown Military Museum Board of Directors.

After much work, the Greater Middletown Military Museum Committee received approval to build a permanent Museum at Veteran’s Park in Middletown.  The City of Middletown and the State of Connecticut provided the funds to construct a building to house the museum.  The design of the building is simple: a single story with 3,000 square feet of floor space to house the group’s artifacts and collections currently in storage.  The Museum is located near the Connecticut Trees of Honor, a memorial to the 65 Connecticut soldiers killed in post-9/11 conflicts.

There is still a great deal of work to be done.  The Museum directors believe every veteran has a story, and they hope to develop a special oral history archive – a place where visitors can hear soldiers tell their stories and share their memories.   They also want to create a learning institute and research facility as well as exhibits collected and owned by local veterans is ambitious and will

The Collection at the Greater Middletown Military Museum

take dedication and hard work.

To achieve its vision, the Museum knew that establishing partnerships was key. They reached out to the Community Foundation of Middlesex County for help. The Museum established a Fund at the Community Foundation to accept donations on our behalf. The Project Fund will provide the Greater Middletown Military Museum the support necessary for our special mission.

The Greater Middletown Military Museum Fund at the Community Foundation provides an opportunity for everyone to help build a lasting tribute to those who have given so much in protecting and preserving our country.