Ukrainian Firefighters Equipment Fund

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Four Middletown agencies co-sponsored a “Tactical Medical Supplies for Ukraine Firefighters” donation drive – Middletown South Fire District, Wesleyan University, Community Health Center, and the Community Foundation of Middlesex County.

“Over the past several weeks, we have all witnessed the tragic events happening in communities across Ukraine, where relentless bombings of non-military targets have caused thousands of injuries and deaths,” said South Fire District Chief James Trzaski. “Emergency responders have risked their own lives to save others by being on the front lines of providing critical assistance to those in need. We are seeking to provide the highest level of support to these brave men and women.”

Donation drives took place on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10, 2022, at Middletown South Fire District, 445 Randolph Road, Middletown. Individuals and organizations from across the state helped with equipment and medical supplies. Generous individuals also supported the Ukrainian Firefighters Fund at CFMC.

See more photos and the list of organizations and businesses that collaborated to bring this equipment and supply drive to a successful completion in our NEWS section!

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Supplies collected support the Ukrainian fire service agencies and included:

Backpacks 10 x 19 x 14 (approximate size)

Bandages (any size)

Burn Aid – water gel burn dressing

Cravat Bandage

First Aid Kits

Knee Pads

Medical Adhesive Tape

Multi Trauma Dressings

Medical Gloves

Emergency (Israeli Battle Dressing) Compression Bandages

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Pain Relievers, Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen

Eye Wash, 4oz.

CPR Mask

IV Supplies

EMT Shears


Safety Boots

Safety Glasses

Safety Pins

Stainless Steel Hemostats

Sutures Supplies


Tongue Depressors



For more information, contact:

South District Fire Department Chief James Trzaski and Captain Nicholas Fischer at

Wesleyan University Dr. Katja Kolcio at

Community Health Center, Inc. Gary Wallace at


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