Coles Family Fund

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Times change and evolve, issues and needs arise – and having the ability to adjust is imperative in business and in the nonprofit world.

That is why Clio and Philip Coles chose an Unrestricted Named Fund when they were working with the Community Foundation. They wanted to be sure that the Community Foundation, through its grants process, could adapt and address whatever may be impacting the community they call home.

Clio and Philip established the Coles Family Fund as a meaningful way to help build a strong, healthy community in Middlesex County.  They knew as ex-owners of a small business that there were many needs in the County, which could be helped in the future.  They were pleased to be able to share their business success with the help of the Community Foundation.

Thanks to the Coles Family, their Fund – pooled with many other Funds established to support the CFMC annual competitive grant making cycle – has helped veterans and seniors with transportation, provided books and storytellers to pre-school classes, offered food and shelter to those most in need, strengthened nonprofits through training and staff development, and so much more.