Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund

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When Disaster Strikes, A Community Comes Together

When disaster strikes, you’re always there to help. You, our friends and neighbors, have come to the aid of individuals and businesses to lend a helping hand through the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. When the Connecticut River Museum suffered severe damage during a fire, you came to their aid and provided much needed funds to replace the windows. When snow caused the roof to collapse at an area building housing Oddfellows Playhouse’s costumes, you rallied round to replace and restore their stock. When a Deep River family lost everything to a house fire, you reached out to work with the town and area service providers to make sure they could start anew.

Neigbhor_Helping_NeighborWith each catastrophe, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County has received calls and donations to help, to support the services and programs that are essential and ever-present in our community. Each time, the Community Foundation has reached out to service providers and towns and determined what is needed and how to respond. Yet with each unforeseen event, CFMC always asked “what could we have done to be better prepared to help?”

Recently, when the Jones family of Killingworth lost their home in a fire, you again reached out to support the community’s services to put their lives back together. This time when the Community Foundation asked “how can we do more,” the answer was readily apparent – establish a way to help this family now and be ready to help others in the future, too.

The Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund was the answer. Establishing this fund provides an opportunity to work with community members today to help the Jones family now. Yet the Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund will do so much for the future as well. The Fund is ready to come to the aid of those local organizations that respond so readily when needed – volunteer firefighters, health providers, organizations providing shelter, food and basic needs.

The Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund is just one more way the Community Foundation works with and for you, our friends and neighbors, to improve life today – and in the future – in Middlesex County. Together we are working together to ensure that our community is a great place to live, work, and play – always.